Dog power!!!!!!

wI9exHi I am WinterGirl I love dogs but I don’t have one.This is a dog from Minecraft.So cuteπŸΆπŸΊπŸ©πŸ•

14 Replies to “Dog power!!!!!!”

  1. Hey WinterGirl! I am really excited to see more content from you! As I added you as a contributor, could you add me as a contributor (or Author if you really trust me)? As your blog sounds like a “Dog Blog” so I could post Sir Wolf’s Castle content on there! Thanks! Epic Chas Gamer 😎


    1. Go to and hover over the Users button and click invite new. Type in my username (coolchasgamer) and enter a custom message and click Send Invitation. I will reply once you have invited me.


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