Lulu the puppy (story)

Lulu was a puppy who belonged to WinterGirl. Both her and WinterGirl lived with EpicChasGamer also known as Chas. They lived in a mansion near Sir Wolf’s castle. This was the castle where the ruler of the kingdom lived with most of the wolves from the kingdom. The others lived in cottages nearby. These were the pregnant wolves.

The  castle was a magical place. Wolves were allowed to just wander around

Lulu felt as if her whole life had changed when WinterGirl had tamed her as a puppy and she had felt wonderful. WinterGirl even took a picture of Lulu with EpicChasGamer.

Lulu’s life always got better even when there were hard tasks to face. It was all ok as she lived with Chas and WinterGirl.

The End.


Hope you enjoyed my story. Here are some pictures for the story.

Wolf wandering


Lulu as an adult wolf.

Lulu with EpicChasGamerPSX_20170430_134152

WinterGirl 🐶☺🐶


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