The 3 tamed puppies: story

There were once 3 tamed puppies named Pink, Pinky and Pinkie. Their father was once friends with the lady Thick-collar, the queen of the clouds so sometimes they help their mother bake cakes.

One day their owner WinterGirl came to the castle they lived in. Not Sir Wolf’s castle but the castle WinterGirl built for them. She said “I am going to the village of peace which is one hour away. Will you be ok if I left you here.”

“Don’t worry we’ll be fine,”announced their mother, cheerfully. “Ok!”giggled WinterGirl “but are you sure?”

“Absolutely!”exclaimed their father. “Ok, I am going now so if any of you want to come too then jump into my bag!” She looked. Not one of them wanted to come. She suddenly remembered that the untamed wolves went mad and uncontrollable when the royalty went away so she said “And please check the castle in case those untamed wolves get mad.”

“Sure” they all said together giggling. “Bye!”




To Be Continued


Published by Winter Girl

I am well known in Epic Chas Gamer's "Sir Wolf's Castle" story, and I am also a contributor to Epic Chas Gamer's blog. I have several blogs called, and

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