Sir Wolf’s Castle Story 1 part 2

Shield ran past all the wolves who were staring at him. There were no puppies. Shield ran to the throne and pressed the button which made bells ring so his favourite servant would come. He was Shield’s favourite servant because he was clever and could make very evil plans. “Bum Smacker!” He shouted. “I made you prince but you are still my servant!”

Sir Bum Smacker came running. “Sorry, Master. One of those chubby untamed wolves grabbed me on my way here, Master. I managed to escape though, Master. Sorry for the delay, Master.”

“I need you to help me decide what to do with this.” Shield tipped his bag upside down and out fell the puppy. The puppy looked confused.

“Why not we cook it? Eat it up once it’s dead?”

“Grrrrrrreat idea.”

They both ran to the kitchen, Shield holding the puppy.

“Look!” Bum Smacker shouted suddenly. ” It’s wearing a name tag!”

“”Wolfy Wolf” what a stupid name!”said Shield. They sniggered and threw Wolfy into the oven. “Bye, Wolfy Wolf!” they sniggered in unison.

“Do you think we did the right thing?” asked Bum Smacker.

“Yes, Bum Smacker!”

“My name isn’t Bum Smacker it’s Sword Swiper!”

“Yes. I know but you are my servant and I changed your name to Bum Smacker.”

“You gave me something to drink and then I felt all weird, as though I was disappearing.”

“Well, you must be quite hungry after feeling like you were disappearing. Do you want some chocolate?”

“Yes please.”

“Here you are.”

“Sorry, Shield. I felt like I had a potion which felt like I was turning into some idiot. Thank you for saving me.”

“Right let’s go and get something to eat.”

Meanwhile, WinterGirl and Chas heard howling. “What is it?” asked Chas.

“I think Shield Evil must be cooking a wolf!”


I hope you enjoyed reading!!!

WinterGirl 😎😀🐶🐺🐺🐶😀😎

Published by Winter Girl

I am well known in Epic Chas Gamer's "Sir Wolf's Castle" story, and I am also a contributor to Epic Chas Gamer's blog. I have several blogs called, and

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