Sir Wolf’s Castle Story 1 part 3

“Let’s go to the castle quick!” shouted WinterGirl. She quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper and put it in her pocket.

They ran as quick as they could and eventually got to the castle. They sprinted through the gates which had been left open. They rushed into several rooms until they got to the right one. The howling was much louder in there. They pulled open the door of the oven and took Wolfy out carefully and quickly. They turned the oven off and WinterGirl put the note she had written in the oven and closed it. They ran away and went to the Nether to see Brine, who agreed to go to the castle and scare Shield Evil and Sir Bum Smacker away. So Brine went to the castle and when Shield and Bum Smacker went to take Wolfy out of the oven, you could have heard their screams from miles away even if you were wearing headphones!

A few days later, WinterGirl, Chas and Wolfy were standing on a stage in front of millions of wolves and Brine. It was even on the TV! “The king and the prince have run far away. Wolfy is too young to be king so he can be prince! WinterGirl can be princess! But we need a king or queen. There has been a vote whether to have Chas as king or to have no king or queen. The result is that… Chas is king!” shouted WolfMan, who is King of the Clouds.

There was cheering and clapping from the crowd.

The End…for now!

WinterGirl 😀😎🐶🐺🐺🐶😎😀

Published by Winter Girl

I am well known in Epic Chas Gamer's "Sir Wolf's Castle" story, and I am also a contributor to Epic Chas Gamer's blog. I have several blogs called, and

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