Sir Wolf’s Castle Halloween Special

CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Attack, my clones, attack! Rip the ugly wolves to death! Do anything to make them in pain!”

The castle burglar alarm went off and every single wolf screamed apart from Poppy, the invincible wolf cub. WinterGirl turned to Chas. “Seeing as you are temporarily king, maybe you should sort something out!” she exclaimed, amazed that someone who definitely wasn’t Shield Evil had planned to attack the castle on Halloween. This certainly was a wolf. But why would it betray the castle?

“Who on Earth would want to attack us apart from Shield Evil?” Prince Wolf thought aloud, as he stumbled out of the royal tower, half asleep.

“It looks like one of the wolves. It must have cloned itself lots of times,” replied Chas.

“All the clones look different though. Some are bigger than others,” said WinterGirl, glancing at the clones and their master. “Maybe, just maybe, they might not be cloned. Maybe, just maybe, they might be the untamed wolves from the untamed wolf tower. Maybe, just maybe…”

“Stop saying “Maybe, just maybe…” It’s getting annoying,” interrupted Chas, annoyingly.

“Maybe, just maybe, the untamed wolves are trying to scare us on Halloween!”

Suddenly the master of the clones started laughing and laughing. The clones copied.

“Oh, WinterGirl, oh WinterGirl, you are so clever! Oh WinterGirl, oh WinterGirl, you worked it out sooner than we expected! Oh WinterGirl, oh WinterGirl…” the master of the clones exclaimed before Chas rudely interrupted.

“Stop saying “Oh WinterGirl, oh WinterGirl…” it’s getting seriously annoying!”

“Oh Chas, oh Chas, I’ll stop!” the master of the clones, whose real name was Push-the-wall-please, laughed, which annoyed Chas a bit but eventually he laughed too, along with the others.


Thank you viewers and followers for reading!!! (If you are a viewer, a liker or anything that isn’t a follower, please can you turn into a follower or a liker at the least if you aren’t one already.)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone who appreciates my blog when it actually is Halloween.

WinterGirl  and WinterDog 😎😊🐶🐩🐕🐺🎃

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