Quiz About my Blog


I hope you enjoy!!! (We hope you enjoy!!!) (Why do you always forget me, WinterGirl?) (Sorry ,WinterDog, I’ll try to forget you again)(Why are you so mean?) (I didn’t mean to be, I meant to say “I’ll try not to forget you again”) (Oh, sorry!!!)

WinterGirl and WinterDog  🐶🐺🦒🦓🐸 (x2)

Published by Winter Girl

I am well known in Epic Chas Gamer's "Sir Wolf's Castle" story, and I am also a contributor to Epic Chas Gamer's blog. I have several blogs called crossroaddiarybywintergirl.wordpress.com, superdogblogbywintergirl.wordpress.com and superdoggamer.wordpress.com

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