Minecraft bathroom builds part 1

Today I have been playing Minecraft and I think it would help Minecrafters if they want to build bathroom furniture. I will do each post separately one today, one on Thursday, one next Saturday and one the next Thursday and in them I will explain how to build a sink, a toilet, a bathtub, and a shower that works.




Firstly you will need the following:

A cauldron

A lever

A water bucket

2x white concrete block

3x birch trapdoor (optional)

A bathroom – I used white concrete walls, stone floor, birch doors plus a lantern in each corner.


Place the concrete blocks one on top of the other best next to a wall.


Next place a cauldron in front of the concrete blocks.


Then fill the cauldron with water.


Then place the lever on the side of the concrete block that is on top of the other. It doesn’t actually flush but is a good decoration.


Then put the trapdoors around the outside of the cauldron. (Optional)



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