Minecraft bathroom builds part 4

I decided to do the last bathroom builds post today because I have time today. I will still try to post on Thursday and the week after next I will post on Thursdays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. After bathroom builds I will be writing sir wolf’s castle stories. Please remember to follow this blog, like my posts and comment on any posts to say what you would like me to post about.


You will need some concrete blocks, a dispenser, a water bucket and a button. Please pretend the glass blocks are water buckets. I had the glass in my inventory and forgot to swap it with water.

First of all, make a hole in the ceiling where you would like the water to come out.


Go through the hole (fly on creative, using blocks on survival).



Build some blocks in the formation as below.Screenshot_20200613-112537

Mine a hole next to it and go back inside.


Place a dispenser in the place shown below.Screenshot_20200613-112615

Place the block back in the hole


Put the water in the dispenser.


Place the button upside down on the bottom of the dispenser. Crouch so it doesn’t show you what’s in the dispenser


For it to work, press the button to release water and press the button again to put water back into dispenser.

If you want to cover the shower whilst not using it, use a trapdoor. You will have to mine it when you use the shower and place it again afterwards.


That is all of the bathroom builds. I hope you enjoyed making them! Screenshot_20200613-120154

WinterGirl and WinterDog 😁🐶🐾🎮😊   😁🐶🐾🎮😊


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