Minecraft bathroom builds part 4

I decided to do the last bathroom builds post today because I have time today. I will still try to post on Thursday and the week after next I will post on Thursdays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. After bathroom builds I will be writing sir wolf’s castle stories. Please remember to follow this blog, like myContinue reading “Minecraft bathroom builds part 4”

Minecraft Bathroom Builds Part 3

Bath tub You will need 8 trapdoors, four water buckets and a bathroom. First of all place the trapdoors in the formation on the picture below. Place the water in the middle. Food up the trapdoors. Well done! You have made a bathtub! WinterGirl and WinterDog  😁🐶🐾🎮😊    😁🐶🐾🎮😊

Minecraft bathroom builds part 2

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Thursday and to make up for it I will post twice today.  Here is how to make a sink in Minecraft. It doesn’t work as a sink but is a good decoration for your bathroom. Sink You will need a cauldron, water bucket, tripwire hook and a bathroom. FirstContinue reading “Minecraft bathroom builds part 2”

Minecraft bathroom builds part 1

Today I have been playing Minecraft and I think it would help Minecrafters if they want to build bathroom furniture. I will do each post separately one today, one on Thursday, one next Saturday and one the next Thursday and in them I will explain how to build a sink, a toilet, a bathtub, andContinue reading “Minecraft bathroom builds part 1”