The 3 tamed puppies: story

There were once 3 tamed puppies named Pink, Pinky and Pinkie. Their father was once friends with the lady Thick-collar, the queen of the clouds so sometimes they help their mother bake cakes.

One day their owner WinterGirl came to the castle they lived in. Not Sir Wolf’s castle but the castle WinterGirl built for them. She said “I am going to the village of peace which is one hour away. Will you be ok if I left you here.”

“Don’t worry we’ll be fine,”announced their mother, cheerfully. “Ok!”giggled WinterGirl “but are you sure?”

“Absolutely!”exclaimed their father. “Ok, I am going now so if any of you want to come too then jump into my bag!” She looked. Not one of them wanted to come. She suddenly remembered that the untamed wolves went mad and uncontrollable when the royalty went away so she said “And please check the castle in case those untamed wolves get mad.”

“Sure” they all said together giggling. “Bye!”




To Be Continued



Why did the untamed wolf cross the road? 

Because an ocelot destroyed the chicken.

Who goes oink oink? 

Shield with a piggy possess potion
Why did a untamed puppy eat his homework? 

Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake.


Sir Wolf’s castle : story 23

Sir Smacker was plotting a plan with Shield Evil. The were trying with the help of all the tamed wolves to defeat the royalty and their army of untamed and hostile wolves . The tamed wolves had a potion on which made them attack the castle and the people in it. The wolves had been stolen and taken to the tamed wolf home. This was where Shield lived (with Sir Smacker and the tamed wolves, temporarily). 

Meanwhile Sir Wolf was sitting on the throne miserably. WinterGirl also miserable asked Sir Wolf if he wanted any food. “No thank you WinterGirl,” said Sir Wolf “I am to gloomy to eat anything.” 

“Are you sure? I have a menu full of thing for you to eat. ”

“Ok. Let me look at the menu. ”

WinterGirl gave him the menu.

“I will have a small bowl of chicken soup and a small bowl of milk.”said Sir Wolf. 

“What about dessert”asked WinterGirl

“A small slice of cake please”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, I am just gloomy that’s all.

WinterGirl walked into the kitchen. Chas walked into the throne room and told Sir Wolf that they will get the wolves back and then they wouldn’t be lonely. Suddenly a trapdoor from one of the towers shook violently. Suddenly a tamed puppy leaped up and ran to Sir Wolf. WinterGirl walked in with Sir Wolf’s dinner. She was amazed to see the puppy. The puppy said “I escaped the tamed wolf home and just need to tell you that all the other wolves are coming. All the tamed wolves don’t have the potion on any more and all wolves are ok!”

“Wow,” shouted Sir Wolf and WinterGirl, so excited they made Chas jump.
Find out what happens to the heroes next in Sir Wolf’s castle story 23 part 2.

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Puppies are cute and fluffy. A mother dog can have about 15 puppies. There lots of different breeds of dog. Some dogs are mixed breeds.Image result for puppy

Lulu the puppy (story)

Lulu was a puppy who belonged to WinterGirl. Both her and WinterGirl lived with EpicChasGamer also known as Chas. They lived in a mansion near Sir Wolf’s castle. This was the castle where the ruler of the kingdom lived with most of the wolves from the kingdom. The others lived in cottages nearby. These were the pregnant wolves.

The  castle was a magical place. Wolves were allowed to just wander around

Lulu felt as if her whole life had changed when WinterGirl had tamed her as a puppy and she had felt wonderful. WinterGirl even took a picture of Lulu with EpicChasGamer.

Lulu’s life always got better even when there were hard tasks to face. It was all ok as she lived with Chas and WinterGirl.

The End.


Hope you enjoyed my story. Here are some pictures for the story.

Wolf wandering


Lulu as an adult wolf.

Lulu with EpicChasGamerPSX_20170430_134152

WinterGirl 🐶☺🐶


A big fright (story)

There were once two wolves called WinterWolf and EpicChasWolf. They lived together in the mansion that Chas and WinterGirl lived in which was the most wonderful mansion ever.

The mansion was one of the most amazing place for a wolf to live in. There were bone blocks in each corner for the wolves to nibble at occasionally.

One day the two wolves went out venturing. Suddenly they got lost and turned back but they could not find their way back. Eventually WinterWolf climbed a tree but fell down and got injured a lot so they carried on going. As luck would have it, they soon saw the castle. WinterWolf got so distracted she bumped into a tree. She had a regeneration potion so her heath was back to normal. It was quite tiring to get back but at least they were safe.

I hope you liked my story!

I will be writing more!

WinterGirl 🐶☺🐶

Minecraft PE – Time to Achieve

I play on this and it actually belongs to me. Hopefully we will get wolves too!


Time to Achieve is a world me and WinterGirl play on. It is REALLY fun and I found diamonds recently, mined obsidian using my new diamond pickaxe and made a Nether Portal. We haven’t lit the portal yet but we will soon 😎😎

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Dogs 🐕

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