Me and Chas are going to make a map in Minecraft. Hopefully we will put Wolves in it.




WinterGirl 🐶


If you like Minecraft Wolves then you’ll love this adorable untamed wolf!PSX_20170503_170806.jpg

Puppies are cute

Puppies in minecraft are so cute! 🐶Here are some pictures.🐶188px-Little_Puppy


They are so cute! I think these puppies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






The Tamed Wolf and the Creeper

Epic co-director❕🐶

Basically, what happens is a tamed wolf is stuck in a cave and is being attacked by mobs. The mobs are about to destroy the tamed wolf when a creeper comes in and explodes to save the wolf from the other mobs. The tamed wolf and the creeper become best friends.

I hope you like it! If so comment, like, reblog or/and share. Thanks!

Epic Chas Gamer 😎

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dog emoji

My favourite  emoji is the dog emoji on android but once you have typed it, it shows a different dog.   (‘_’)