I went on Chas’s Roblox parkour. Chas’s Roblox name is ChasCraft.

If you search ChasCraft the join his world…


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Sonic 2

Here are some screenshots of me playing as Sonic and Tails on sonic 2.

And here is a picture of Tails I found on the internet.


aquatic ruin zone act 1

chemical plant zone act 2

Emerald hill zone act 2

Sir Wolf’s Castle – The tamed wolf home

One of the best Sir Wolf’s castle stories


Sir Wolf’s Castle

Bum Smacker and Shield Evil stayed in prison, just to make the wolf guards slowly move away, 2 by 2.  The pair were planning to create a “Tamed Wolf Home” and turn all tamed wolves against the wolves that weren’t tamed.

When only two guards were guarding the prison, Smacker created a sleepy potion, which put the guards to sleep. Sir Smacker and Shield Evil announced in the middle of the castle “I will now be known as Sir Bum-Smacker!”.

Guards came out and fought Sir Bum-Smacker and Sir Evil, but the evil pair had stolen the sleepy guards’ diamond swords.

Once all the guards were defeated, Sir Bum-Smacker stole loads of tamed puppies and wolves. Winter Girl attacked Smacker and Evil, but they were too strong. Heroan and Rose attacked and overpowered Shield, but Bum-Smacker escaped with all the tamed puppies and wolves.

Bum-Smacker escaped…

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Story 2 Part 2

Great story but it is a bit short

A long time ago, in a year, er, last year, anyway, I wrote about Sir Wolf’s Castle. I am determined to write about it at least 5 times every month this year, hopefully more. Sorry, I won’t be able to do that in January (it is almost over) but February will have some mind-blowing stories.

And I know what you are thinking, GET ON WITH THE STORY! so I will. Let’s start it.



Yes, I understand Bum Smacker is a really rude name for Smacker, but it was the only one I could think of. And oops, you are mad at me cause I am randomly talking, not getting on with the story.

All the Wolves fought Smacker and Evil, Untamed Wolves taunting Shield because of his surname. Evil said it was just natural, but the untamed gave Smacker and Evil pushes called “pushies”.

“Don’t give pushes, tamed…

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Sir Wolf’s Diary – Day 1

I really enjoyed this story

Day 1:

I woke up today, excited to see what I could write in my diary today. I got up, to see the guards happy and Chas serving the wolves their breakfast and Winter Girl helping the puppies get up and stretch, just like normal. The dream about Sir Bum-Smacker ruling the castle was just another nightmare, one of many to come. I just hope it wasn’t a vision.

I heard whispering, and I walked over to a few untamed wolves, holding a picture of a player with an untamed wolf skin and eyes as green as grass. They were all wondering who it was. They asked me, and I looked sad and didn’t say one word. They asked me again, and I said miserably “Sir Bum-Smacker before Shield Evil used the evil mind-control potion. He was Wolfman’s brother. Shield is planning on capturing me soon as he thinks Sir…

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Sir Wolf’s Castle – Tamed Monster

Epic story Chas

Sir Bum-Smacker was having a dream. A dream where a monster tamed wolf was about to eat him. He woke up, screaming so loudly that everyone else in the Tamed Wolf Home woke up, including a group of tired neutral wolves, who got angry very quickly.

Sir Bum-Smacker sneaked into Shield Evil’s bedroom, and Shield was whispering to himself. Sir Bum-Smacker screamed, resulting in Shield getting really mad with him.

“What are you doing?!” asked Sir Bum-Smacker. Shield Evil ignored him, continuing to whisper to himself. Sir Bum-Smacker repeated the question in an angrier voice.

“I am considering what to do with a Monster Tamed Wolf…”


A few mother wolves and their puppies walked in to Shield’s bedroom to complain. Shield waved the potion towards them and they ran away.

“Bum, we have to get used to it. It will help us win back the castle. Sir Wolf will…

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