WinterDog is my blog mascot. Here is a fact file about her:

Name: WinterDog

Favourite food: popcorn

Favourite Blog: Power by WinterGirl

Favourite Colour: dark green

Favourite Outfit: dark green t-shirt, dark pink skirt and green trainers

Most precious item: dark green packet of popcorn (out of date because I only ate seven pieces from this packet because it was so precious!)

Fun fact:Β I am the mascot of Power by WinterGirl.

I cannot believe her most precious item is an out of date packet of popcorn!!!

And we all know she is the mascot of Power By WinterGirl.

WinterGirl (I cannot believe I cannot use emojis on my laptop!!!) :^D {‘ _ ‘}
































EpicChasGamer has a blog. This is called

He has many followers already but I expect he would appreciate more. Where as I have 5. But it is more than nothing.

EpicChasGamer has more than 73Β followers. And he has had millions of likes. And thousands of comments.

Follow if you like – I wouldn’t – well I already have! I guess I could always unfollow but I might just leave it.

WinterGirl – I can’t do emojis because I’m on my laptop!!! : ^ ]


73! New top score on #crossyroad.

This is an Epic fail on Crossy road

73! New top score on #crossyroad.

Guess what?

My favourite number is 73 and I didn’t do that on purpose, trust me.

When had 73 followers I got to take over it for a whole week!

I deleted crossy road but I have got it back, luckily.                                                πŸ•

WinterGirl πŸΆβ˜ΊπŸ˜€β˜ΊπŸΆ